Author: pangeagreen

What is Circular Economy?

Our current economic system consist in a take-make-waste process where we extract materials from the Earth, manufacture products from them, in which waste is also generated and disposed. Once those products are no longer useful to us, we disregard them as waste as well. In this linear economy, we expect nature to process and digest […]

Clean Transportation

Clean transportation is the key to tackling carbon emissions, for a globally growing population. However, clean transportation is key to achieving the social, economic and environmental Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. If you want to understand more about the present and future of the transportation industry and how Clean Transportation can […]

What is Sustainable Urban Development

What is sustainable urban development, why is it that complex, what is necessary to attain sustainable urban development, why is sustainable urban development the only way forward. These and more questions will be discussed in this post about Urban Sustainability. Table of Content: What is Sustainable Urban Development? What is required to achieve Sustainable Urban […]

What is Sustainable Construction

Are you considering switching to take a more sustainable approach in your construction company? Would you rather buy a house done using sustainable construction practices but you don’t know what to expect?Are you curious to understand what is the difference between traditional construction and sustainable construction? If you are looking for answers to those questions, […]

What is sustainable fashion

You might have come across coined wording like “conscious” “ready for the future”, “join life”, “outfit of tomorrow” or just “sustainable” when you are shopping for your next outfit, but most probably you wonder what do they stand for. Noticing the current sustainability boom, there is no surprise why Fashion Brands want to get the […]

How to reduce your plastic consumption

Plastic consumption is saturating the planet of a type of waste that takes centuries to degrade. The plastic waste have become a global problem that cannot longer be swap underneath our neighbours carpets, therefore among other strategies, individual action for the common goal is needed if we do not want to end up drowned in […]