about Pangea Green

About Pangea Green

Organisms that improve their environment for their survival do better than those that damage it

James Lovelock

We all can do better in our daily routines to consume smartly, to pollute less, and in essence to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum.

Pangea Green is here on a mission to provide knowledge on the Environmental and Social matters that matter! Our goal is to help you in your sustainable journey towards a life in synergy with our beloved planet.

  • Our Mission: Connect with you! Connect with the general public and businesses to help with your sustainable journey for a better Planet.
  • Our Promise: Collaborate with organisations and businesses that are making the difference in sustainability for a better planet.
  • Our Vision: Create a sustainable community that lives, not only within our planetary means but also restores, improves and enhances our natural environment for a better tomorrow in pure synergy with our planet.

If we do not cooperate and work in harmony with our fine-tuned planetary ecosystem, we will struggle to adapt and survive. Our Planet is sending us a clear message.

And we have to act now!

Having lived and travelled to some of the worlds most challenging and austere environments, we realised just how much the different climates can affect the way we live and thrive.

Countries worldwide have signed agreements, Governments have developed policies, and Organisations have expressed their commitment. Indeed, partnerships exist at high levels, but the smaller parts of these entities (small businesses and people like you and me) were somehow left out in this challenging venture. We believe societies are still immature for Climate Change but Pangea Green is about helping the public to achieve this maturity in environmental protection that we need that much.

Hence, Pangea Green was created with the purpose of helping you to make clear sustainable choices easier. Pangea Green is a go to site to get answers to your environmental and social matters and get your sustainable actions clear.

We believe that the way forward is through connection and collaboration, and that is why Pangea Green exist. However, we will never compromise on:

  • Quality of the information provided,
  • Integrity on our assessment process,
  • Delivery of honest information, and
  • Promoting sustainable lifestyles.

We are here to accelerate the transition to a truly Sustainable Society, so that the healing of this planet becomes a reality!

Pangea Solution: Solve the equation; save the world

Charles Jacobs

If there ever was a time to join the sustainable community, it is now. Every sustainable action, however big or small, contributes to a better future.

Pangea Green is about doing our bit for the planet.